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the mad botanist

Jake Davis is our owner, botanical wizard, and local activist, willing to push boundaries in designing flora-based visual stimuli – after all, flowers are his passion. He developed an affinity for gardening, nature’s nuances, and the beauty of decay as a budding botanist in the Dallas area. And eventually, Jake pursued a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M where the seed of his floral affections blossomed into a lifelong career.

After graduating, Jake apprenticed in greenhouses on three continents, perfecting his craft in botany and exploring the world’s floral offerings. Plants are miracles and the world is a living organism. Jake’s floral work is a reflection of those truths: a celebration of life, beauty and decay. Today, Jake believes that pathos is what drives the floral industry and his work is an undeniable commitment to that belief.

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Decadent pastels

Jake’s influences range from the tonal juxtaposition of Dorothy Draper to the desperatefeelings of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Through these artists, Jake discovered a fondness for nostalgia and the applied use of 1920’s industrial decadence in his own vintage style.

Jake delights in using unconventional color palettes and materials that offer a unique perspective in his uncanny, yet exquisite, arrangements. You may have come across his arrangements featured throughout Texas and in publications such as D Weddings, Brides of North Texas, Carats and Cake, and many others.


Over the course of his career, Jake came to understand that flowers serve more than an aesthetic purpose. They are resilient, adaptable, and independent organisms with stories and journeys of their own. And as an advocate for America’s homeless population and against mental health stigma, Jake began to draw similarities between plants and these marginalized communities. As such, he adopted the tulip as his favorite flower. 

Tulips are phototropic, they bend with the light as they follow the sun throughout the day. They also grow after being cut, a metaphor for the resilience shared amongst marginalized communities.

“We are often cut down, but it’s important to keep growing... no matter how sharp the knife.”


Corporate Floral

Make a statement in your office with an original, Twisted Tulip arrangement. You’ll be sure to impress your clients with a chic, specially designed floral arrangement that speaks directly to your business’s brand. Dark and broody? Bright and clean? We have the materials and expertise to communicate your brand’s story.

Wedding & Events

Follow The Twisted Tulip through a world of endless, floral possibilities. From flower crowns to bridal bouquets to floral wall arrangements, we offer full-service floral design with distinctive style for unique clients. We are not a conventional design studio – we are innovators in arrangement and method. Your event will reflect the sophistication and elegance you already bring to the table. Let us fertilize the seed of your vision.

Production Design

Jake is not only a trained botanist of twelve years, he is also a seasoned production designer. If his floral arrangements did not showcase enough of his meticulous work ethic, allow him to curate the vibe of your event. Whether you’re crystal clear about your vision or ready to hand over creative control, The Twisted Tulip has the experience and expertise to complete the picture.

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