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The Twisted Tulip is a contemporary floral design studio based in Austin, Texas. Our studio specializes in opulent and evocative floral design with an emphasis on arranging for wedding ceremonies, corporate spaces, and other special events. 

Our signature boutique style, championed by owner Jake Davis, combines the elegance and decadence of flora with a spirit of eccentricity to reflect the unique charm of each of our clients. We look beyond the visual intrigue of floral design to create an experience that includes and entices all of your human senses. Our objective is to construct extraordinary arrangements that appeal to feelings for every day, and for every occasion.

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"Nothing can get in the way of possibility."

-Jake Davis, Founder

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Where luxury and insanity collide . . .

Creating a world

The Twisted Tulip takes a global approach to curating its non-traditional arrangements by ethically sourcing plants and flowers from places across the world including Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Holland, Ireland, Thailand and here, in the United States. We imagine a world within a world during your design process.

How does your world smell? How does it feel? And who lives in it?

Our partners share our panache for extravagance and creativity, ensuring a superior and unmatched quality of work.

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